Welcome to The Railroad Cafe

Welcome to The Railroad Cafe

Welcome to The Railroad CafeWelcome to The Railroad CafeWelcome to The Railroad Cafe

117 Lowe Street - Fort Valley, GA 31030


What's Going On?

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In light of the CORVID-19 virus we are taking the government's recommended precautions and have closed our dining room. We are open for curbside only. Place your order online by clicking one the order Online buttons on this page, or call your order in @ 478-827-5252. Call us when you arrive and we will bring your order out to you.

 We are now closing at 1:00pm everyday. 

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding through these challenging times.

Get Double Reward Points, through these challenging times. God Bless.

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Jeffrey Hall: Owner/Operator


We serve Breakfast and Lunch Daily Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday's.

Breakfast: Mon-Fri 6am -1030am              Sat 7am - 1030am

Lunch: Mon-Fri 1030am-1pm                     Sat 1030am - 1pm


Always provide the best food and the best service possible!

When you are not happy we are not happy.

We appreciate your business!

May God Truly Bless You and Keep You!

menu: click a link above to order online



Breakfast: ‘till 10:30am daily


sausage – 1.89  bacon egg – 2.49  ham egg cheese – 3.49

*add .99 cents to sub chicken

Grilled Toast Sandwiches

sausage – 3.59 bacon egg – 4.19 ham egg cheese – 5.19

*$1.49 extra to sub grilled chicken breast on any sand

Breakfast Wraps

*all come with two scrambled eggs with cheese

Garden Pass – tomatoes, onions, mushroom and peppers – 4.89

Sun-shiner – sausage, bacon, or ham– 5.19

Hogger – bacon, sausage and hash browns – 5.99


*all pancakes served with butter and maple flavored syrup

Triple Jack – stack of three buttermilk pancakes – 3.99

Double Jack (with meat or two eggs - 5.49)

(with meat and two eggs – 6.99)

Norfolk – two eggs, meat and one pancake – 5.99

Heartland – two eggs, two pancakes, meat and grits – 7.45


Two egg omelets come with cheese additional toppings are extra..

One Meat (ham, bacon or sausage) – 4.89

Veggie Lovers – tomato, onion, mushroom & peppers – 5.29

Meat Lovers – bacon, ham & sausage – 5.89

The Hybrid – three eggs & *THE WORKS* – 7.89

(peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, ham)

*make any omelet a plate with grits and toast for $1.78 more

Breakfast Specialties

Hobo bowl – Grits,1 egg, cheese, and one meat in a bowl – 4.19

Skillet – hash browns, scrambled eggs, meat, cheese and salsa – 5.99

*Big R&R – 2 eggs, bacon, grits and toast – 6.15

Breakfast Sides:   Beverages:

Grits…………. Sm -  .99  Lg. – 1.95 Fruit Juice ……………. 1.69

Cheese Grits: Sm – 1.69  Lg. – 3.35 Sodas ………………….. 1.69

Single Egg ………… 1.05   Coffee ………………….. 1.69

Hash Browns…… 2.69   Sweet or Unsweet Tea.. 1.69 

Side of Meat ……. 2.89    Bottled Water ………… 1.89

Slice of Toast …………. .99     Peach Tea……………... 1.89

Biscuit ………………… .99  Flavored ICE Water….. 1.89

Extra Condiments & Dressings– Charges will apply

Senior discount available, being of 55 years of age.

Military and First Responder discount available also.

Thank you for your service!



Soups – Buffalo Chicken, Chili & Soup of the Day

Cup – 3.29 Bowl – 6.09

Enjoy a Small Depot salad, small soup & drink for only $7.69 


All salads served on fresh baby greens and choice of dressing

Sm. Depot Salad – 3.29 Lg. Depot Salad - 6.09 (tomato, and cucumber)

Southern Pecan Tumbled Chicken Salad - tomato & cucumber topped with our own southern pecan tumbled chicken salad - 8.49

Engineers Chef Salad – chopped ham & turkey, cheese, bacon, tomato, cucumber – 8.69

Derailed Grilled Chicken – tomato, cucumber, cheese, and grilled chicken – 8.49

Grilled Shrimp Salad – feta, tomatoes, black olives and lemons – 9.49

Blackened Chicken Salad – chicken, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbs 9.49

*Large salads come with 2 dressings, any additional dressings are .25 each


All these are offered as a cold cut or hot off the grill served on a grilled Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo and a pickle spear

Conductor Club – ham, smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon and Swiss cheese – 7.09

Ham & Swiss – black forest ham and Swiss cheese – 6.69

Turkey & Swiss – smoked turkey breast and Swiss cheese – 6.69

Railroad Wraps

All Railroad Wraps have lettuce & tomato and comes with a pickle spear

Conductor Club – black forest ham, smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon, shredded cheese and ranch dressing – 7.09

Ham & Cheese – black forest ham & cheese with ranch dressing – 6.69

Turkey Bacon – smoked turkey, crispy smoked bacon and honey mustard – 6.89

Southern Pecan Tumbled Chicken Salad – with pecans, sundried cranberries and tender chicken breast, no wonder why it’s a local favorite – 6.69

Chicken Club – grilled chicken strips, Applewood smoked bacon, shredded cheese and ranch dressing – 6.89

,Buffalo Chicken – grilled chicken, real blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing and Frank’s Buffalo Sauce – 6.79

,Spicy Chicken Club – tender grilled chicken, crispy bacon, ranch dressing, cayenne pepper and finished with a little Cholula Hot sauce – 6.89

Chicken Cordon Blue – grilled chicken strips, grilled ham, melted Swiss cheese and chunky blue cheese dressing – 6.89

Spicy Asian Pork - chopped pork, sweet Thai chili sauce, hot sauce, peppers, onions, coleslaw and leaf lettuce - 6.89

Spicy Asian Shrimp  - tender grilled shrimp, sweet thai chili sauce, hot sauce, peppers, onions, coleslaw, and leaf lettuce - 7.89

All of our sandwiches and wraps are made of the highest quality ingredients and offer at least a quarter pound of meat or more. Our goal is that you not be hungry when you leave and you feel good about the value you received. We Thank You!

Kid’s Meals with drink and side for 4.99

Ham & Cheese - Turkey & Cheese – Kids Burger

<Or> Half a Grilled Cheese

(Kid’s Meal Sides: cookies, chips, brownie or fruit cocktail)

Most of our sides, our chicken salad, our soups and even our BBQ pork are sold in bulk, perfect to take home for dinner!

See our Bulk Food Menu 


Your Choice $7.59 Cheese comes on all and served with sour cream and salsa!

Veggie Lovers – peppers, onions, mushrooms and diced tomato

Grilled Chicken – chicken and cheese only *Supreme – adds peppers and onions

BBQ Chicken – chicken, onions, bacon & drizzled with Sweet Baby Ray’s

Chopped Pork – BBQ pork and drizzled with barbeque sauce

Chicken Bacon Ranch – chicken, bacon and ranch “All-American”

,Rajun Cajun – andouille sausage, pepper, onions and boom-boom sauce

,Buffalo Chicken – chicken, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce

,Spicy Chicken – chicken, ranch, cayenne pepper, onions and hot sauce 

Spicy Asian Pork - chopped pork, sweet thai chili sauce, hot sauce, onions and peppers

“Last Stop” – ground beef, diced onions and chopped bacon lightly seasoned with cajun seasoning and then drizzled with ranch dressing

Railroad Burgers

(MLT= mayo, lettuce, tomato) (BC= Blue Cheese Dressing) (C= Cheese)

Jr. Loco – 5oz. Angus burger, same great taste in a smaller package (MLT) - 4.99

Veggie Burger – ¼ pound chipotle black bean burger(MLT) – 5.99

Locomotive – 8oz. Angus burger(MLTC) *These are not fast food burgers – 6.99

Slaw Burger – chuck burger topped with our house slaw(MLTC) – 7.69

Black ‘n’ Blue – blackened outside with melted blue cheese on top(LTBC) – 7.69

Jalapeno Cheddar – grilled jalapenos cheddar cheese and creole sauce – 7.49

Cheddar Bacon Ranch – cheddar cheese, ranch and bacon – 7.89

Mushroom Swiss – sautéed mushrooms and melted swiss – 6.99

Cheddar Club – cheddar, bacon (MLT) – 7.89

Chili Kicker – open faced double Jr. Loco with pepper-jack cheese topped with our house chili then shredded cheese and jalapenos (10oz. of meat) – 8.49

Dagwood – American cheese, bacon, grilled onions, fried egg(MLT) – 8.49

Big Porky – burger, cheddar, BBQ pork and bacon – 8.49

TWIN ENGINE – ONE POUND of ground chuck. (This is a “MAN’s” burger!) – 11.69

(Add bacon to any burger – 1.49)

Railroad Spikes (Hot Dogs)

Railroad Spike - hot dog - 1.99  Railroad Spike w/chili -2.49

Railroad Spike w/slaw – 2.49   Railroad Spike w/both – 3.19

Boxcar - Scrambled Dog – 5.99

*Scrambled Dog: all-beef dog covered with chili, cheese, onions, slaw, & jalapenos

TRAINWRECK – Double Scrambled Dog “Over two pounds of food! - 11.99

Specialty Items

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – 3 slices of American cheese -  4.99

B.L.T. – made with over a quarter pound of bacon – 6.99

Caboose – Fritos, chili, cheese, onions, jalapenos and sour cream – 5.69

Train Robber – our tender smoked BBQ pork, melted Pepper Jack cheese, sautéed onions and crispy smoked bacon and your choice of sauce – 8.69

Cajun Shrimp’n’Grits -tender prawns lightly seasoned and sauteed with peppers, onions, tomatoes and spicy andouille sausage on top of pepper-jack grits and drizzled with a delicious creole sauce – 8.99 (Award Winning Dish 2 years running!)

BBQ Pork Sandwiches - Small - 4.25 Large – 7.99 (by the pound)

Make It a Combo! with a drink and a side only $2.49

Potato Salad – Pasta Salad - Coleslaw – Chips – Fruit Cocktail - Cookies 

Soup, chili or side salad as a combo choice is $1.00 more.


A Boxed Lunch - consist of a sandwich, a bag of chips, a fruit cup and a pack of cookies. These lunches are guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest crowd. So, have confidence when you order a boxed lunch from The Railroad Café, you are getting enough to fill them up, and will be receiving quality ingredients that we are known for. 

Pre-Order your next luncheon today! 478-827-5252 

Your Sandwich Choices to be inside of your Boxes:

Conductor Club * Ham & Swiss * Turkey & Swiss

* Southern Pecan tumbled chicken salad

(Minimum of 10 boxes or add $1.00 to price)

Boxed Lunches are $8.75 per person. 

Orders over 25 may be eligible for price break. 

Minimum order is 20 boxed lunches to be available for delivery,

all other orders must be picked up.

Private Parties - Special Events

Delivery for Large Groups

Bulk Food Menu!

Potato Salad – 7.99 Qt.

Coleslaw – 7.99 Qt.

Pasta Salad – 7.99 Qt.

Pinto Beans – 7.99 Qt.

Chicken Salad – 12.99 Qt.

Soup – 12.99 Qt.

BBQ Pork – 8.99Lb.

(Quarts are approximately 8 – 4oz. servings)

Party Platters start at $29.99

Finger sands or finger wraps

Serves 6 - 10 people per tray


The Railroad Café

Home of the “TRAINWRECK”

The Largest Scrambled Dog in the World!

Phone (478)827-5252 

Come hear the old train whistle blow.

In the old train depot downtown Fort Valley

Right beside the tracks.

117 Lowe Street – Fort Valley, GA 31030

Order Online AT:


Café Hours:

Mon-Fri 6am-2pm

Sat 7am-2pm Closed on Sundays!

Dinner Service is reserved for

Private Parties ONLY!

Like us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/therailroadcafe

Now on Instagram and Twitter!

Email: therailroadcafe@gmail.com

Jeffrey Hall – Owner/Chef